Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As an employer, what if I choose not to conduct regular audiometric screening?
A: Failure to comply with an OHS regulation could incur heavy fines or penalties, that's why Selective Hearing Services works with employers to find a cost effective solution to ensure that they are meeting all of their statutory health surveillance obligations within each state.

Q: How do I
ensure my service provider complies with AS/NZS 1269.4:2005 requirements?
A: To ensure hearing tests are accurate and carried out by an appropriate person ask to see your service providers 1) audiometer calibration certificate, and 2) training and experience. (Please note, WorkSafe Victoria no longer provide "accreditation" of audiometric screening service providers)

Q: What do I do with my copy of an employees' audiogram or summary of testing results?
A: Employers must retain any audiometric test results and audiological examination reports as a confidential record for as long as they are applicable, which may depend on individual circumstances. Employers should be aware that the audiometric tests they provide will be considered by hearing loss assessors in the event an employee makes a claim for benefits.